Moscow USSR

Moscow USSR tour by car

This tour is not possible on Mondays — museum, which is part of the tour, is closed.

Moscow USSR Tour covers:

History of USSR (1922-1991)
Nuclear project of USSR
Space achievements
Legendary gun and developer Kalashnikov
VDNKh Soviet pavilions
Agriculture and Industrialization
Soviet architecture and city design
Park of Soviet sculptures
Lenin, Stalin, Bezhnev, Khruschev & others
Famous Soviet food-store
Former KGB headquarters (outside)


Number of people

4 hours

English only

116000 RUB
218000 RUB
319000 RUB
420000 RUB
522500 RUB
623500 RUB
+1+ 1000 RUB

Prices listed for whole group, not per person.
Includes personal guide, personal driver and automobile for 4 hours + entrance tickets to 1 museum.
Meeting point: Your hotel.
Children under 6 years old visit free of charge.
Children over 6 years old are priced as adults.

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